New URBH President

The Royal Belgian Handball Federation announced the election of a new President. From 1 August, Jean-Francois Hannosset will succeed current president Piet Moons. 

Hannosset comes from a background as a player and coach, which began more than 30 years ago. Hannosset started as a player with Villers 59, before becoming a coach for Waterloo in 2008. From there, he progressed to the position of Technical Director, while also coaching the U12 team at Floreffe. 

In 2013, at the request of coach Yérime Sylla, Hannosset joined the technical staff of the men’s national team. On an administrative level, Hannosset has served for almost 10 years with the Ligue Francophone de Handball and been part of the joint governing body of Belgian handball for six. 

“Since I first came into contact with handball as a student at the Saint-Servais College in Liège, where Jean Philippe Dubuc managed physical education, I have been very fond of it. After my active player career, it has become a passion – first as a trainer, then as technical director and soon as chairman. It shows that people with a healthy ambition, with motivation and perseverance are able to set things in motion,” said Hannosset. 

Hannosset prioritises growth and continued development as his key goals going forward, while emphasising the team aspect of handball and how that also applies in the workings of a federation. 

“I would like to get more people to play handball so that our handball family continues to grow. The further development of youth handball is another ambition. I notice as coach of the U12 from Floreffe how much fun the sport brings and, at the same time, how the boys are hungry,” said Hannosset. 

“At the same time, those players also inspire me. Just look at the ‘Red Wolves’ [men’s national team] where youth stands up, where young players get opportunities and seize, where young players take responsibility. I hope that the ‘Black Arrows’ [women’s national team] continue during my presidency – that we can find the means to offer the girls the same opportunities. But I am also a realist. Let us proceed step by step without making bold statements.” 

Moons announced last year that he would step down from being President due to health problems, after holding the position since 2016. One of his most prominent achievements was the successful mutual cooperation between the Flemish Handball Association and the Ligue Francophone de Handball. 


End of competitions 2019/2020

The Royal Belgian Handball Union, the Vlaamse Handbal Vereniging and the Francophone Handball League have decided, after mutual consultation, that next season in the national, regional and provincial series, there will only be amounts and no descendants . In the weeks and months to come, an in-depth reform of the competition system will be undertaken.
After the three federations concerned decided last week to stop all competitions at any level with immediate effect, the next step was to determine how to end these competitions. In times of crisis, exceptional measures apply. This is what was decided:
   * There will only be amounts. No team will be relegated.
      Consequently, a reform of the competitions will have to be worked out for the 2020-2021 season. Details will be announced on April 3.

BeNeLeague 2019/2020 : Winner

Achilles Bocholt

Due to current containment measures for Coronavirus, it is impossible to organize the Final-4. Therefore, it was decided that the BENE-League would keep the final classification of the classic phase as the general final classification.

Unlike other sports competitions, the 22 match days of the classic phase of the BENE-League were fully played.
Achille Bocholt finished first with 9 points ahead of his closest pursuer. With 737 goals scored, Achille Bocholt is the most prolific attack in the BENE-League, but is also the least permeable defense with only 569 goals conceded.

This final result allowed Achilles Bocholt to win his 5th BENE-League, but also, and it should be emphasized, the fourth consecutive.
BENE-League 2019-2020 final ranking:

  1. Achilles Bocholt 41 points
  2. KEMBIT-LIONS 32 points
  3. HERPERTZ / BEVO HC 32 points
  4. HC Visé BM 29 points

Men’s 20 EHF Championship

Postponement of EHF Championship

E.H.F. officially announced the postponement of the “Men’s 20 EHF Championships” which was to take place from 2 to 12 July 2020 in Riga, Latvia.
The competition should be played from 13 to 23 August in parallel to the “Men’s 18 EHF Championships” (Bulgaria, North Macedonia and Montenegro). The place of competition for the Belgian Men 20 remains Riga.
In view of the different international competitions postponed in the longer term, we remain attentive to communications from the E.H.F. as well as future government decisions in order to be able to propose a more detailed program.